Deceptive age differences?

I don’t know if any of you all do this, but I associate age differences as greater than they are with the people I grew up with. Case in point: my sister’s friends I was in school with: most aren’t any more than 12 months younger than me, but in my mind they’re still younger than other people I know or associate with who are even younger. And some of her friends have become quite the fetching young ladies (or “professional women” I guess now, eh?).

We are all growing rapidly into old farts. You know what that means? oh yeah. Golf. All day. Every Day. Early Retirement. Heck yeah.

  1. Justin Boom Boom Hankins says:

    I have issues looking at old yearbooks. If I'm looking at my second grade yearbook, all the kids third grade and beyond are burned into my mind as being older than me. I can't look at these kids as however old they were at the time. Even if the kid was 7 years old and missing teeth in the picture, he will always appear a thousand years older than me in my head.

  2. roboboshi says:

    Yeah, it's bad - especially with the sister. I mean, they're starting to get married. We'll be sitting around tables playing bridge soon. Oh wait, we already do that. Hmm. "So, um Frank, how's that game?" "Ah, pretty good Tom! I've been a bit rough getting through the 16th green, all those sand traps you know" :)

  3. Chad says:


    I have this mental image of my little sister (year and a half younger) at age 8 stuck in my mind.

    She's turning 21 this year (shudder). My baby sister can actually legally drink in just a few months. Damn.

  4. Mr X says:

    alas- the paradox has arrived.... funny, i think of my sister as younger and she is actually one year older than me.

  5. cHRIS says:

    The nerve of all you whippersnappers. . .life certainly does not end at any pre-destined point. I'd have shot myself a long time ago if it did. :D

    John, look at Stanley, fer the sake of Pete!

  6. Vincentroy says:

    Mikayla,I want you to know that you are in my thoughts and prrayes. You have always brought comfort to others and I hope my prrayes help comfort you at this time. You have all of the teachers and staff at Apollo Beach Elementary sending love your way as well. Your amazing spirit is all we talked about and we know that it is that spirit that will help you recover quickly.Wiles Family,All of our thoughts and prrayes are with you as well. We hope that each day gets a little bit better and that you find comfort in the support of those around you.

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