Lobster fest Bobo style

Went to the beach (Virignia Beach) today with my friend Jonathan (we’ve known each other since age six) and his parents, who were down there for the weekend. Went out for a few hours. Didn’t use sunscreen. Hence, I look, as my mom puts it, like a lobster. Crispy Fried Bobo. Thank God for Aloe.

  1. shep says:

    Virginia Beach has a way of doing that to you.*

    See "Shep, Virginia Beach 1999".

  2. Wardah says:

    Joe and Deanna Spears - You will truly be missed when we first moved here you were just a beufaiutl girl who we got the joy of being a part of your life. Always a smile here and there, always a kind word as well.I am so glad God let our paths meet so that I could witness an angel here on earth grow into a beufaiutl woman of God. We love you and we look forward to seeing you again Brittany, and that wonderful baby ..God Love,Ms.Deanna

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