California Movin?

California: That’s the concept. My boss asked if I was serious about going to LA. gulp So weigh in people: DC or LA and, most importantly, WHY.

  1. mays says:

    go west. you've been here long enough. you can always come back. do it while you can.

  2. .sara says:

    ain't much more i can add to that one. the man has a good point. i mean that in a most unbiased way, honestly. (my head hurts too much to fib.)

    opportunity's knockin. go to it. if you don't like it, you don't have to stay. but if you've got the chance...

  3. shep says:

    word, that's what i'm sayin. i echo both of them.

    you're young, you have the chance to live elsewhere - don't end up in my situation, stuck in the same city for close to 27 years. i envy you for having that sort of opportunity.

    do it! 8-)

  4. m says:

    do it to it.

    except.....wait until after'll save on the plane ticket for a flight to PA.


  5. schlick the elder says:

    i'll disagree with everyone so far -- DC. you wanna do something to make money, or do you wanna do something to change the world? to me, it's DC if you wanna do the latter. from a musical perspective, I understand the allure of LA, but NYC's almost as strong and far closer. plus, for some reason, I just see you as being far cooler than that played-out LA stereotype (no offense to anyone from LA)

  6. alissa says:

    go go go. i lived in LA for 10 years. though i now despise it, it was a fascinating place to be. i don't recommend it for the long-term (oh how i now relish clean air), but do it. the perspective you get from living a variety of places is...well, enriching. for lack of my creativity to come up with a more clever word. anyways...

  7. bob says:

    Yeah, go. I agree with most. You're young and stuff.

  8. megfinch says:

    again in the most unbiased way possible - do it. you might hate it, but at least you'll know. otherwise it'll be the opportunity you never took advantage of haunting you. you've even got a support system in place out there - so leave and find a *reason* to come back, that's what it's all about. learn something you can use back home. however - do you really want to be moving for a company you don't even like working for?

  9. chris says:

    I want to give you a Gotham-sized response, but I think if you ask yourself "why?" enough, you wouldn't go. 'Course. . .why ask why? Besides. . .I have some infor for you. . . ;)

  10. Chad says:

    Plain and simple: go.

    This is the chance you've been waiting for.

    (Exhibit A: boboroshi splash/menu screen).

  11. Waldo says:

    Why not Oklahoma? Life isn't binary.

  12. kyle says:

    LA is some cool stuff, but do you really want to be with that company there. S*** man poverty sucks

  13. Kate says:

    Hello! Go for it for goodness' sakes!!! Don't find yourself wondering "What if...?" at 40 - we're young, very (sadly) unattached, do something with it - too good a chance to throw it away. If you hate it, you go home - no big deal. And for pete's sake - don't avoid going because of the company who's willing to move you out there!!!! All the more reason to go for it! How much will you even be out if they'll take care of it. Plus - it all fits into my plan of ulterior motives - you should drive out, and just happen to drive through here! :) Who knows? Maybe I'll join you and head west for a while...

  14. Christina says:

    Its not a question of which road is less travelled, but a question of what's in it for you. Each place in this great country of ours (no I'm not being patriotic here) has so many different things to offer. The Bay Area? Unemployed Dot-commers. LA? Unemployed actresses who spend their weekends at the beach perfecting the thong tanlines. Its just up to you to decide which place fits you best. Thong, or brief?

  15. boboroshi says:

    Thong. Hands down. I have a great track record (yeah right) dating actresses and hey, I'm all about inspecting some tan lines. I've got enough dot-commers in DC. But the extended family is in the bay area, so good meals with no five hour drive required.

    "lyin on the beach just a takin a tan / only a brother with the money can be her man."

    And as Mays will soon say: "Athayde. Stop."

  16. mays says:

    what was that? a short telegram?

    athayde. stop.

    don't quote that song. stop.

    you've got a lifetime pass on the short bus. stop.

    athayde. stop.

  17. jen mcdonnell says:

    to quote your damn self, athayde... "welcome to hollywood, kids, are you ready for the ride?"

    and if you hate it, you've at least earned the right to say, "l.a.? i did that...and am so over it...."

  18. roboboshi says:

    holy shitballs. Jen McDonnell reads my site :) You know what happens to people from New York who read this site don't you? ;)

  19. jen mcdonnell says:

    what? do they self destruct?

  20. roboboshi says:

    delaware... comment... your dad... flynn...

    "He's from Delaware, they make movies about people like him coming to New York."

    bad joke. I go tohide in my cave again. But now fitter and happier with digital cable :)

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