Got the bootleg show...

Last night I went down to Richmond to see Rebecca play at Alley Katz for an A&R showcase. It’s cool going to shows where you know the artist because you can finagle (spell check aisle 3) your way onto the guest list.

On the other hand, I’ve gotten scorned twice now for Radiohead tickets. Hopefully I’ll be able to get them in the regular fire sale that happens tomorrow. Must. Go. To. Radiohead.

I hope this isn’t GOD saying “you got to go to NYC to see them, so piss off” or something else completely appropriate.

  1. Narmen says:

    Men que buen brete, me gusta la idea de volver a tcaniecs mas sencillas, casi infantiles, en un mundo digital que todo es animado, 3d, graficos super locos, estos trabajos mas sencillos, de prinncipios basicos son muy bien recibidos al menos por mi.Dan ganas de apagar la compu y buscar la vieja pizarra! Muy bueno men

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