Are you amember of the Tomato Nation?

The article reads:

I try not to get snitty about the crappy English usage of other people. I breathe in through my nostrils and slowly out again with my mouth shaped like an “o,” reminding myself that not everyone spent her childhood on the floor of a closet with a two-foot stack of library books and a handful of Chips Ahoy, that not everyone’s mind works the way mine does, that not everyone shares my savant-like ability to spot a quotation mark facing the wrong way or a misspelling of “disestablishmentarianism” at a hundred paces. I understand that a lot of schools don’t pay enough attention to proper usage, so kids don’t learn proper usage and therefore they don’t know proper usage as adults. I understand that a person with a learning disability will have a few problems nailing correct spelling, and that a brain geared to math might not bat as well from the other side of the plate. Yes, I can identify and parse a gerundive. It’s a curse. Not everyone bears the curse.

It’s some quality stuff people. Read up.

  1. brianH says:

    Wacky. I stumbled onto Tomato Nation yesterday, via <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> (must...feed...Buffy...addiction!) Either the Internet is getting smaller, or I'm getting to be as much of a freak as you are. ;<br /> P Go figger.

  2. Louis says:

    I take pleasure in the prdueocre by which you've got offered this kind of frustration also it will give to us a great deal of fodder for the purpose of consideration. However, provided by the things i have noticed, I just basically want should the feedback kit for that men and women continue difficulty without having to get yourself started on a new soap box from the news flash of the day. Yet still, appreciation for this specific brilliant piece and whilst I cannot always concur together with the strategy with totality, I actually adhere to a mindset.

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