The home office.

picture of the home office

Left to right:

drafting table


cd burner



wacom tablet

laserwriter select 360

[dx7 missing]

Hire me

. I need to pay my creditors :)

  1. hankins says:

    Dude... you said "naked Katherine Heigl" and "right hand" in the same sentence. Just what the hell is going on there?

  2. .sara says:

    screw you and your powerbook.

    i am NOT jealous.

  3. hankins says:

    Yeah. For real... what she said.

  4. Julia says:

    Wow! What an amazing conestt! The writing blog I can't live without (after yours that I haunt during writing time) is . She always post invaluable information, is honest about how she feels about this writing journey, and well, I just love everything about it. I already pimp your blog every chance I get (and a permanent link on my blog), but I'll add the conestt to my conestt sidebar as well. Did I say sweet conestt? Sweet conestt!

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