A very soggy fourth

We had a little get together up at a building (“The Wyoming”) on Columbia and Connecticut in DC. Clam set it up at his [very nice] apartment on the fifth floor. the 5 0 7 as it were, and there were many mid 20 to early 30 somethings in attendance. I’m more for a rock and roll show kind of get together, but I’ll take what I can get. Especially when it’s in a white tee shirt.

So I decided to walk there from Faragut West. About ten blocks. Bad idea. At least three attacks of torrential downpours happened in transit. The fireworks were nice and the rain held for them. Abotu five minutes after tho? A wall of water decended from the north. I felt it was one of those sci-fi effect things for how perfect it happened.

Anyway. A good, albeit soggy, Fourth of July. Cheers. Beers. and to an even better one next year.

  1. mays says:

    yeah, we were in ballston last night. rain came down. we peaced out. it was crappy last night. we were supposed to go to that block party in clarendon, but never made it down there.

    the 4th sucked. in my book.

    (psst... bobo... wednesdays... at the rock bottom... dollar pitchers. all day. hit me up.)

  2. dan says:

    The Clarendon block party was underwhelming and overpriced...

  3. mays says:

    well, at least you're not bitter about it. that's all that really matters. :)

  4. roboboshi says:

    I'm siiiiiiinnnngin in the rain... just siiiiiiiiiiinnnnngin in the rain... what a gloooorious feeeeeelin i'm haaaaapy again.

    "yeah. yeah. yeah." - lil kim

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