1. Hankins says:

    Waldo is the man. The day I made waldo's link page was the day *I* became a man.... oh yeah. Smooth sailing here on out, once I got the mark of approval from waldo. It's essentially equivalent to receiving the key to charlottesville, don'tcha know.

  2. Tejaswini says:

    Oh, This is Beautiful!! I was still looking for that dgudam Finch when this post popped up!!Hahaaa .Never Did see him or the circle!!Hahahaa But, the photos are gorgeous with or without the bird!!Well Done on Both post! Thanks for playing along on the Brenda Photo Challenge!! Reply:November 22nd, 2009 at 8:02 amThank you! The little Finch is indeed there in the circle but he almost looks like a leaf! Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope to have time to day to visit several blogs later today.

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