When things calm down...

Jack Saturn

posted his final entry to the saturn.org website for “the foreseable future”. This hits the nail on the head about the blogging/greymattering/whatevering community and the issues that surround it. I like meeting new people through the internet and through my website. But this is only a piece of me. There are a handful of people who really know my buttons and what makes me tick and most of them I’ve know for a long ass time. There are a few that I’ve met online, but then again, I also know them in person.

Anyway. Well said Jack. Give it a read y’all.

  1. bob says:

    I never read Jack Saturn's site before. Naturally he's going to stop posting just as I find out he digs the Misfits.

    Ah well. :o)

  2. shep says:

    Man, that WAS a good read. Lord knows we can relate to that shit.

  3. roboboshi says:

    Yeah. also - bob, he's starting an email list, so if you want the feed, you can sign up for that. just drop him a line and say "add me to the email list! and the misfits rock" and there ya go.

  4. Scofia says:

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