The Napster debacle

Let’s talk industry standard. How about saying that no one can run Microsoft Windows until it has 100% uptime. Redmond would laugh in your face. 100% is not a possibility. The thing that pisses me off the most about it? The way the RIAA has painted this, any software manufacturer is now liable for the use of its software. So, anyone who serves a child porn site over Microsoft IIS? Sue them? No. Sue Microsoft.

Welcome to the Brave New World. I quote Henry VIII: “The first thing to do is to kill all the lawyers.” Sans the ones with heads on their shoulders. There are a few good ones out there but JESUS.

  1. Chad says:

    The RIAA cronies can't go and sue the better part of the American populace for using Napster, so they go one level up.

    Napster has been and gone, bludgeoned with a club by the corporate music industry.

  2. Miriam says:

    From what I can tell, Google is trying to scan th ebook in its eneritty. If it were only a few pages, then it would surely be fair use. Amazon currently does that; they scan the table of contents in and a couple of sample pages. Google is talking about millions of books being searchable in their eneritty.I saw the similarities more along the lines of the argument that purchasing a book or CD is purchasing a license to use and share the item. Plus, both made money off of the advertising. The subtle difference to me was that the end use of Napster was the enjoyment of the full song and the ability to share with others, in the same format as a CD you'd buy. The end use of the Google Book Search is to find where quotes come from. You don't end up with a bound book.Plus,

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