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After much deliberation, I’ve decided to release the recordings I did in Grantham, New Hampshire. The Rough Mixes that is. Of course, these were the final mixes from the 3 days of work. Comment to high heaven. Yeah, there are some bad vocals, and bad levels, and they’re works in progress, but it’s rock and roll… miss america loves rock and rolll….

One Day Untitled Shuffle in Bm (please name me!) Out To Sea

Hells yes.

  1. Jeff Walker says:

    Wow. Untitled Shuffle in Bm, or "around you" as I would call it, is friggin awesome. I am working on dling the others, but with my crappy connection, it could take all day. Great work Bobo. Keep em coming.

  2. roboboshi says:

    Ooo. I was thinking about calling it "Holding Pattern" but that is just WAY too cliche. "Around You" seems far better. Hmm. (back to my cave)

  3. Christina says:

    Good stuff Bobo! The Untitled Shuffle... hm... I was feeling "lonesome wreckage" but I think in cliches so, what can ya do? And like Jeff said, keep em coming. (see, thinking in cliches again)

  4. mark says:

    "one day" got quite a facelift, didn't it??? i LOVE need about 4 bars of just the delayed guitar as an intro, i me crazy, but it's got that U2 "where the streets have no name" feel to it...

  5. roboboshi says:

    it's funny. people either say it's like U2 or it's like Peter Gabriel. I don't listen to that much Peter Gabriel, so I generally must cede that I gank heavily from U2 ;)

    And face lift is so nice.

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