Holding... Holding... Holding...

Simple. But no. They make it as difficult as possible so they can rape you and milk you for every penny that they can get out of you. Not like the rate hike was anything there. They already overcharge for a shitty service. And then they have the audacity to send something in the mail to announce their DSL service that has been “coming soon” for 12 months that looks like an over night letter. Of course, the band handwriting font used on the “shipping label” was a dead give away.

Sorry. I already got cable modem. And they didn’t harass me. They were even EARLY to set it up. Now that’s service. And it’s cheaper than the DSL service for faster downloads. Hmm. Why on God’s green earth woudl I want to use such a shitty service like Earthlink?

It saddens me that Apple associates with these schmucks.

They have this annoying classical music loop too. I’ve now heard the same five string pieces at least 6 times. And they don’t even do a smooth transition at the end of the loop. Ah, there’s the start of pass number seven.

I bet if I call the number to sign up, I’ll be serviced immediately.


An hour on hold and STILL counting. Fuckers.

  1. .sara says:

    wow. i've never had a problem dealing w/ earthlink before.


  2. roboboshi says:

    The total time: one hour forty minutes. Woo haa. got you all in check.

  3. Triya says:

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  4. Paul says:

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  5. Angel says:

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