Idiots. Everyone of them.

This story

talks about a NC school district dumping macs to save money in the long run with PCs. Are they aware of the 10 – 20 MCSEs they will have to hire to administer that network of 3000 machines? Are they aware how often things will simply not work? Are they aware of the sheer number of viruses students will be moving around that network?

When the IS guy at RTKL walks into my office and sighs (it’s one of two with macs in the dc office), and I ask what’s wrong, he simply replies:

“My job would be so much easier if everyone just used mac.”

.:.:.: end propgranda transmission :.:.:.

  1. mr. x says:

    Since when does it take 10-20 MCSEs to administer 3000 clients. For the love of donkey kong man.... look at RTKL they don't have ANY MCSEs and they manage (in a vvverrrryyy f'in bad way) Lets stop the propaganda machine buddy. Why should kids who need computer skills not be allowed to learn on a platform that the majority of the world uses. Granted it would be nice to have both but come on..... with this administration? We are lucky schools haven't gone back to commodore 64s

  2. Fate says:

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