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First in today’s review: A nothern Virginia Drug ring goes horribly wrong. Yes parents: “The fact is that we do sell drugs to their kids, in their rich neighborhoods and in their rich schools.” That’s the truth (and that’s a quote from some kid, not me.)

Added: This Bomb Diggity story came from John “Bobo Can’t Even Give A Man Credit” Mays

Secondly: Crap architecture in Silicon Valley? That’s an understatement. “While the Valley is far from blighted, it has almost no commercial, institutional or domestic building that can be called world-class.”

Boboroshi news. You. Hear it…. FIRST.

  1. cHRIS says:

    I think most people make molehills and call them mountains - myself included. Silicon Valley's inhabitants seem no different from the rest of us. Leave it to modern Americans to think they're the center of the Universe. They ought to read more Heidegger (my current panacea).

    Speaking of Renaissance; got my photos back from Monticello. . .many thanks to bobo for using his images on this site. . .they got me going. Everyone should go. yeah.

  2. cHRIS says:

    About the NOVA ring: "Cops and killers are cut from the same fabric". Nothing surprising here. Welcome to southern Westchester Cnty, NY. John, didn't we know a few of the dealers at CUArch?

  3. mays says:

    said the man who thinks about it every day.

    wait, let me check something. yep. already took a vacation this year. wasn't planning on going on any guilt trips anytime soon, but thanks for reminding me.

    believe me, you're the first person i'm paying once i get one of them there newfangled job things.

  4. mays says:

    i was saying that i was the one who thinks about it every day. because, i do. i wasn't saying that you do. even if you do, or even if you don't, i was just saying that i was the one who thinks about it every day.

    i've been miscommunicating what i've been trying to say to many a head today, so i was just clearin that up in hopes to curtail any further confusion.

  5. roboboshi says:

    All good all good. happy thoughts. really. I wouldn't have offered initially if it were an issue, think happy thoughts, and let's get up where we can all post our resumes and say "we are the bomb diggity" (© 1997 - 2002 shep)

  6. bob says:

    my favorite quote from that article:

    "It was easy money," said one member of the ring from Fairfax County who spoke on condition that he not be named. "... You can fulfill your dreams while barely lifting a finger.It's all about the money, the bling-bling. It's more addictive than any drug that's out there."

  7. mays says:

    "Boboroshi news. He. Ganks it.... FIRST."

  8. roboboshi says:

    said the man who doesn't pay for hosting :P

  9. alissa says:

    architecture is a complient for that stuff they call development in the silicon valley. corporate campuses and strip malls. and starbucks. an anonymous landscape.

  10. Rosario says:

    No, pare che sia la versione per Wii. Intendo per il tuo struope per la grafica di questo gioco! Ma non mi basta, ora vado a vedere qualche video e a scoprire qualcosa sul gioco. Poi vedr se merita anche in altri campi al di fuori della grafica. Spero di si per !

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