L33t hax0r skillz

Derek Powazek has posted this cool trick to let people remember you on grey matter logs. mmmm yummy. Maybe one day, when I get off my lazy rear end and actually learn how this backend works, I’ll implement it.

  1. Patty says:

    :Steve. I'm glad you chimed in here, as I'm sure most of us WERE NOT aware of the free gear deal. I aplzigooe for my comments earlier. If what I was suggesting were true, you would have probably been quite confident that your gear would be picked and would be out the cost of the rig. So in essence you COULD have probably paid to sway the reviewers. I'd like to know if any of this gear was kept. Obviously there are deals that happen all of the time, particularly in exchange for ads and such. As the owner of an ad agency, I broker many of them personally; however, my understanding was that there would be no deals here and the opinions would not be swayed in any direction. What's more is that in leaving out this tidbit, it reflects poorly on you and your business, so I also aplzigooe on behalf of the community.I really like the way Phillip Bloom handled the LCDVF review, given his close personal and business ties with Zacuto. Kudos to you sir for the professional and business savvy way you handled the situation!With highest regards,Sheldon Charron

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