Fall is coming

It’s starting to get dark outside earlier. Pretty soon, it’ll be leather jacket weather. And then the leaves will fall off the trees. Perfect weather for a nice long walk along the Downtown Mall (not the shopping variety) or the Potomac. Any takers?

  1. Waldo says:

    Hey, "Downtown Mall" is *taken* bub. Y'all just call it the Mall there, we'll call ours the Downtown Mall, and nobody will get hurt. ;)

  2. roboboshi says:

    Oh bring it on! Woot!

    okay <b>The Mall</b>. yeah. Of course, any ladies want to take a nice weekend to c-ville, we can do the <b>downtown mall</b> as well.

  3. Chad says:

    My vote goes for the Banana Republic coat.

  4. roboboshi says:

    Leather jacket first, once it gets a bit colder the Banana Republic, or as Mays would say "Athayde you look like a yuppie," coat will be in full effect.

  5. Nailtkina says:

    Duane, the Free Trolley is popular and kinda cute but it is not a very efceniift way to spend transit dollars. There are much better ways to use the money, ways that will have a greater impact on traffic congestion relief and would also encourage more people to use CTS. Park and ride stations in Greene or Southern Albemarle with reliable shuttle service to UVa for example. Also, most CTS service is very slow and unreliable. It doesn't even come close to providing a level of service that is good enough to get people to sacrifice the convenience of their cars. Just yesterday I spoke to a friend who is a captive of CTS. He is anxious to get a car because it took him an hour and half to get to Wal-Mart to buy some clothes. This can change. I also am bothered by the notion that using tax money to bring customers from one business district, The Corner, to the Downtown Mall is serving the public. Do you know how much the trolley costs to operate? Are you also aware that the ridership figures used by CTS are very misleading? Many of the trolley riders are actually UVa staff and students who could take a UVa shuttle but they get on the trolley because it just happens to show up a few minutes before the shuttle. Many of the other riders take the trolley instead of a regular route. I often see the trolley going down West Main with a load of a passenges and then several empty buses trailing it. The trolley actually poaches fare paying customers from the regular routes. This is not an efceniift way to run a bus system. Unfortunately, it is very unlikely to change.

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