LA Move and the Pentagon

Just got the official word from RTKL‘s LA office: Due to the economic conditions, they won’t move me at this time. So I’m going to be in D.C. for the forseeable future at this rate.

In better news, our president, Dave Hudson, was on CNN announcing that RTKL was awarded the job to redo the Pentagon as well as the memorial for those who died there. They still haven’t announced it in house yet, but if it’s been on CNN, it’s fair game for this website.

You can read the government release here [thanks Drew!].

  1. .sara says:

    on CNN, even? nice.

    you kids better do a good job! but, no pressure.

  2. roboboshi says:

    My mom heard it on NPR on Tuesday, Devon Cavanagh said he say a guy with a mustache (Dave Hudson) on CNN today and this afternoon they announced that Dave Hudson had been on FOX news this morning and that some other network is coming to interview Harold Adams (Chariman) at our DC (swanky) office tomorrow. Does this mean that we're l33t?

  3. mays says:

    no. you're still yuppie trash.

    the whole lot of ya. in my book. which no one reads.

  4. Chad says:

    I hear ya on the LA move. My mid-annual pay adjustment (to get our measly salaries up to par) was HALVED from what was budgeted.

    Hopefully I'll still be able to do the move out of Lynchburg to "Nickeltown". We'll see; no word yet.

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