'But Mom, I wanted a Warp Core for Christmas!'

Pretty soon, you won’t be able to tell your boss that you were caught in traffic. You’ll have to be a bit more inventive. Why? Because researchers in Denmark have now accomplished one of the first steps to making teleportation a reality. So you’ll have to tell your boss, “Yeah, our Cesium tanks had a rupture last night. Big. Gigantic. Rupture…” as he looks at you shaking his head.

Beam me up, Scotty!

  1. cHRIS says:

    That's actually been around since 1994. . .IBM, so far as I know, were the first to perform the feat.

    The problem lies in the limits of computer calculational capacity. It's one thing to move a bunch of carbon atoms or whatever. . .another thing to move a bagel. Or a human.

    Hence the need for <a href="http://qso.lanl.gov/~gottesma/QComputers.html" rel="nofollow">quantum computers</a>. Read Crichton's <i>Timeline</i> and the August issue of <i>Discover</i> magazine for more.

  2. cHRIS says:

    <a href="http://feynman.media.mit.edu/quanta/nmrqc-darpa/index.html" rel="nofollow">also:</a>

  3. same idiot as above says:

    heh. . . Feynman. Check the URL on the last post. Also read about Richard FEynman. . .he's pretty much the absolute bom of 20th century physics.

  4. Auth says:

    That's good to hear.I'm gearing up for a big push to at least solo in the next month, and have my new itsrtucnor scheduled for 3 days a week. I'll probably wind up flying 2 a week due to weather and other scheduling conflicts.Between that, finishing ground school and studying for my written, I'm hoping to snap this taking forever streak real soon.

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