Unplug the phones... stop all the taps...

Relaxing weekend. No computer. Started Saturday by helping Phil Golub move to his new place in Rosslyn. Then I headed down to Richmond and went to dinner with Sean and Jess. They’ve been working on a house at the edge of the fan in Richmond and they’d been digging out the backyard to put in a brick patio of sorts. Beautiful high ceilings, 100 year old building.

I’ve known Jess since we were in fourth grade together and we had the same Piano teacher for a long time as well. She and Sean and I went to a great dinner at this place called “Galaxy” in Cary Town. It’s a UFO themed diner but the menu is that of a very nice Italian Resturaunt. Interesting twist on the interior design side of things for the evening.

Hit up the Agents of Good Roots show and crashed with J. C. Kuhl. We ended up listening to random CDs in his insanely large collection and chatting until about 4:30, when we both realized that we had to be awake in four hours.

Met up with Sean and Jess at their house and we headed up to Charlottesville for the Foxfield Races. Jess’ parents get a plot with the Hornsby family every year for quite some time and Jess and Sean invited me to come along for the day. The races are pretty rough in the spring and the City and other groups are cracking down, but it completely tame and laid back while we were there. I even made all of five bucks betting on the races (of course, with one dollar bets, what kind of return do you expect? I almost doubled my money!)

And now back in DC for an early morning office meeting. The fun never stops here kids.

  1. Endo says:

    The pictures came out amsoewe Danielle! And even though the weather sucked, I love the feel of the photos. Well, everything except my horrbile frizzy hair, but that's besides the point Thanks again for taking the time to get to know us and for making us feel so comfortable in front of the camera!

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