Damn international law

Here is why the US hasn’t gone out guns blazing and beating people up. Because of the UN. That’s right, regardless of what Congress decrees, according to the UN charter which we signed, we have to resolve our issue by political means before we can use force. Or the security council has to approve the use of force.

Shit, even the Vatican said that while they would prefer a non-violent response, they understood why the US would use one. And we brought this on ourselves, the UN is our doing.

  1. Brahim says:

    I'm about to start this same project...what color of paoeshldys did you use? I have the dreaded oak staircase and want the darker tones as well. You banister looks like it would match my darker floors. :) Is is a Walnut, or maybe dark cherry?Thanks so muchMissyOh I'm stopping in from ThriftyDecorChick before and after party! :)

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