1. Chad says:

    Funny how she says that now, after that videotape of her and Justin doing their thang got out.

  2. Mady says:

    as long as it wasn't distrubution you got a chcnae to get in. He got me in, and told me that your felony is ok and your good to go and can leave for boot camp, you won't be able to get some of the jobs but other then that its ok, but I would have to meet the Major or some officer of a higher rank and have a meeting. Of coarse I said OK no problem. Then the Major looked into my record and found out I had a probation vilolation (it was just an extention, most people go to jail or prison if they violated probation, but the judge and probation officer knew I was far from a violent criminal, just a stupid kid who tried to be cool) and denied me entry into the Marine Corp and wouldn't even have the meeting with me, but he didn't take into consideration that I also got an early dissmisal from probation do to good behavior and the probation officer even said I became a decent member of society I was working at the time, and I earned 22 credits at college. My dreams of being a Marine was crushed and destroyed. I talked to my recruiter and he said new Majors come in and out of the office, and he would ask the new Major that was coming in, and he would try to fight for me to get in every time a new Major came into the recurting station. Also I think he was trying to get a promotion to Major. He would keep fighting for me but I lost contact with him. He was a good guy a great Marine and a special recruiter. His name was Sergant Gonzales he was a firemen in the Marines and worked out of the Edison NJ recurting station and he was orginally from California. Does anybody know where he is now? or is he still in the Marine Corp.? I am now 30 years old a grown man, and I still want to be a Marine my friend who was in the Marines said he went threw Bootcamp with grown men that were 30 years of age and even older, but they got waivers. I went on the Marine Corp website and saw that a case bay case waiver for 30 year olds can be considered. I don't care about my age I WILL BE THE OLD MAN OF THE MARINE CORP. My record was from almost 10 years ago when I was 21 or so. I have not been in any trouble since. I am not a stupid kid anymore I am a grown man with a high standard of morals , I am 30 years old. I would like the privledge of talking to a Major or someone who handles waivers or set up the meeting with the major that I was supposed to have to state my case and ask for his approval, but I was denied. I told my recrutier I was try for an expungement but it costs thousands of dollars, plus lawyer fees, I work low paying jobs and can't afford that right now. Can someone help me or give me advice on what to do. The Army said they would take me years back but I didn't go my heart is with the Marine Corp. Oh Yeah, I DONT GIVE UP WHEN IT GOMES TO THAT I AM STUBBORN AS AN OX , I am a grown man and have every right to follow my dreams and thats to me a Marine. but I am getting old quick. I would appreciate if someone would email me back with advice. [email address removed]Thank You for your consideration and all that the Marine Corp. does. GOD BLESS THE MARINE CORP!!!!!!

  3. Jose says:

    how he has learned and is<a href="http://zmbukmze.com"> tiryng</a> to correct his path in interviews. Thats just for his image you know.I mean he is so dumb that he actually goes on a Howard Stern interview on live radio and goes on about what a bad ass real gangsta he was, this rap shit is just something he does on the side. he is a real G and that was before he got caught with all the machine guns!And dont forget the reason ATF was suspicious in the first place was because a friend of his got shot in a driveby in the same car TI was in, that just shows he is in this gangsta business like shug knight killing Pac or Diddy killing Biggie, so thats why TI started to get heavy into guns. Ofcourse he has done deals with the government to get lesser punishment for his crimes! I mean a regular no-body would get SEVERAL years if they where on probation and then getting caught driving under the influence and possession of E pills.So TL/DR He is a dumb ass who goes on actual live radio talking about what a real g he is just that shows how low intelligence he has and he will always go in and out of jail for the rest of his life because he is not smart enough to get a grip on his life. and after I seen movies like ATL, Takers or American Gangster I can say that his career as an actor will fail hard and never get an oscar!

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