Metro scare

I was actually very seriously considering joining the Army Reserve about 2 months ago. I am a real big believer that there sould be soem sort of national service program, mainly to get people exposed to a wider cross section of types of people and to learn to respect elders. Not much better than a drill seargant to do that to you. Of course, it would be hypocritical of me to support such a program without having done it myself.

They also cut a great deal with the GI bill on college tuition. And it even applies to loans, so I could help pay down the obscene amount of cash I spent on college while serving my country and getting in shape at the same time.

I don’t know what to do now. I really don’t want to go gallivanting around the Middle East, but I don’t want to be sitting on my ass waiting to get gassed in DC either. You can make biological weapons with household items. It’s not that difficult. Well, we’ll see how things progress in the next few weeks. Only God knows what’s going to happen next.

  1. .sara says:

    i sure as hell don't envy you getting on the metro tonight. ouch.

    right after high school, i almost joined the Navy. it's been a long standing "oh sure THAT'S going to happen" dream of mine to be a pilot or some other kind of ass-kicker.

    but there's that whole rule.

    and then i got suckered by shakespeare. i've been contemplating for a <i>long</i> time now, joining the reserves, i just always find a way to distract myself from it.

    i'm still not sure what to do about it, but if there was some kind of national service prog., i wouldn't be adverse to (a) doing my part and (b) supporting it.

    which isn't to say that i necessarily agree with everything our military ends up getting involved with. i'm just saying.

  2. roboboshi says:

    Oh don't get me wrong, I don't agree with everything we do, and I'm not sure how I'd fare in combat, but I'd like to think that my delayed reaction and collected shit while reality happens skill might do me well there.

    Of course, I flinch too much. Hmm. I probably should go play some rough ass sports.

  3. cHRIS says:

    rough sports. . .rugbybobo.

    There are a bunch of things out there - government sponsored and all - that aren't military that you can do to get the same high, meet people and . . . respect your elders. ahem.

  4. Miro says:

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  5. German says:

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