Guitar shoppin

So I was supposed to call Brian Higgins when I was leaving work, but, Rock Star™ that I am, closed the IM window with his friend’s cell number. yeah. Smart one Athayde. So, I’m walking home and he pulls up on Wilson Blvd, I jump in the car and we head off to Guitar center. He barters his way through and gets a Fender Strat (American, about 10 years old, lace sensor pickups) and a Line 6 Pod 2.0 for $700. I bow to his l33t bartering skill. He is now on the path to rock stardom.

  1. mays says:

    ahhh, then no RockBottom, tonight.

    i'm glad that i didn't decide to join you guys, then. :)

  2. dy says:

    huh - Brian Higgins is one of the managers i work with.

  3. Eric says:

    OH MY, thanks for the heads up on the iPhone app! I love my iPhone and alayws thought this type of app would be perfect! I downloaded it today and shared the link with my other iPhone scrapper friends! :)

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