1. ron says:

    i suck at this.

    my life is over.

    the only thing that could make this worse is if i was losing to bonjovi in a national poll...

    wait a second.


  2. bob says:

    wow, this shit is addictive.

    My whole office hates me for sending this around.

    Justin (from work) is making little "vroom vroom" sounds while going around the outline.


  3. cHRIS says:

    John, you're a jerk. You KNOW how obsessive I am!!! I'll never get employed this way!!!


    Anyways. . . 1:12 for me.

  4. Jeffrey Walker says:

    How bout doing that shit on a laptop. Riiight. I'm going nuts over this...

  5. alissa says:

    the rollerball not-mouse thingy is not bunny friendly. and i still got addicted...help?

  6. .sara says:

    hee. first try! that was fun! (1:08)

  7. roboboshi says:

    57.2528 seconds. Yeah b33otch!

  8. .sara says:

    bite me.

  9. pete says:

    39 seconds. hahahahaha.

    i hate that bunny.

  10. roboboshi says:

    C'mon Pete. How many times did you do that? 58 was my first attempt. I'm going to hit this up with the pen tablet on Monday and see what I can do.

    And Jeffery - i tried it on my powerbook trackpad? hahahahaha. That was entertaining. "YOU NO LOVE THE BUNNY". nope. not at all :)

  11. pete says:

    that was the third try. i got 60 on my first try and 43 on my second. i tried it at work yesterday with a trackball and couldn't even make it to the end. me no love bunny.

  12. Sonia says:

    I'm with you all the way Dan re: the eyetest the whole thing is riucdilous and the optometrists professional expertise is almost entirely dependent on the answers you give him. I have had the same experience, telling them that option A or B both looked blurred. And what if you were a compulsive liar or confused? as you say, sometimes the difference between lenses is marginal.And I'd say 7 was WAY too young for ear piercing. Why would anyone want to drive a piece of metal through their body parts, and that's when they are older, never mind when they are still under your duty of care. I bet you went to that pediatrician in Beverley Hills too!!

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