can we make it a hexagon?

I turned the Pentagon presentation over this morning (well, Saturday morning) and I hope that it’s finished. I have a bad feeling that there will be “tweaks” on Monday tho. I then turned over to the other job(s) i have going – the main one being photo montages for the Architect of the Capitol to show the Speaker of the House for the new Capitol Hill security permiter. I’m going to first sort the piles of paper in the living room. Yee haw. Organimaztion time. Or. Gan. Im. Iz. A. Shun.

  1. ron says:

    damn. you're working on some hardcore shit over there in dc.

    do they..uh.. know about your covert past, mr. bond?

  2. jasiek says:

    Maybe the pool of Ruby developers doesn't break down on the A-G scale the same way the Java one does. Perhaps there are more A's in the Ruby pool and more C's in the Java pool. The dfeifrent mindset required to deal with the extensive use of convention would be a reasonable cause here.If that were the case, and I suspect it is, the statement about better people picked from a smaller pool wouldn't mean quite as much.

  3. Ferhat says:

    Ok, looking froawrd to it. I'm currently creating a shared source module which makes use of modules that create wrapper classes for sitecore items. My module only runs in 4.0 so at this point I can only include an adapter for the CompiledDomainModel module. However I would really like to add your module also for greater usability.

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