As predicted

As predicted, there were more “little tweaks” on the Pentagon presentation. C’est la vie. I went over to Capitol Hill today to take pictures but I had to go with one of the Architects who had a pass. After that, they said, “Are you going to come over here a lot?” and I said, “Well, probably.” So now I need to fill out paperwork and get my very own laminated Architect of the Capitol Contractor pass. I’m so federal now.

  1. .sara says:

    talk about working for the man.


  2. Chad says:

    I was just gonna say, now you really do work for The Man.

    As long as Rotoscope's first album isn't produced by Glen Ballard, I'm all cool with that. :)

  3. cHRIS says:

    Aren't there always tweaks? I'd rather be doing tweaks on the Pentagon than on some innocuous project that might never come to pass.

    Proud o' ya!

  4. roboboshi says:

    No Glen Ballard. Jesus. Wouldn't that suck? I'd much prefer Lillywhite, Lanois, Eno, Stewart Myers or any of those sonic geniuses.

  5. Nikki says:

    the new Crows album is gonna ROCK because of mr. steve lillywhite!!!

  6. ron says:

    while you're working, could you ask who really shot kennedy? it's been bothering me and i'm sure someone over there knows. thanks.


  7. Chad says:

    Which one, Ron? John or Bobby?

  8. ron says:


  9. Diki says:

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  10. Sasouta says:

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