1. Jim says:

    Glad you're feeling beettr today. I didn't not like reading those tweets last night. Yeah, waiting on one more document and then I can submit everything for the new visas. Hopefully things will go as smooth!Feel beettr my friend!

  2. Miro says:

    mariane disse:Ne3o fazer nada e9 a pior coisa ! Acredito que a primeira proivdeancia e9 conversar seriamente com o chefe mais superior possedvel ; explicar o que este1 acontecendo e exigir proivdeancias urgentes! Se nada for feito , ou pior , se for demitida , aed sim , entrar com processo solicitando idenizae7e3o. Quanto ao marido, esse tem a obrigae7e3o de estar ao seu lado , confiar e apoiar. Sene3o , ne3o he1 sentido no casamento.

  3. Dhany says:

    Dear Desiree,I love black picture<a href="http://jdifjdbgbzo.com"> faemrs</a>.....I think the contrast against white or neutral walls is good.Sounds as if you've been very busy....I'm glad that you have as I thought mayb you didn't like me anymore !!!!!!hehe.Have a rock and roll weekend, Desiree. XXXX

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