I’m off to go camping. Clean Mountain Air. No internet. The usual suspects know how to contact me. Party and party hard (who the hell let that song get out anyway? It’s like disco goes metal or something…)

  1. scott says:

    you might be camping, but i'm chillin with the Edge :)

  2. Malena says:

    I hope you had nicer weather for camping than we did (freezing temperatures that killed my beautiful spring flowers and rain). This is why I need to move south. I don't suppose there is room in your house for my husband, two kids and I? ;)

  3. Peacock says:

    hope you enjoyed the weekend, Bobo.

    I'm starting finals week today.. woo.

  4. Abi says:

    Your best bet would be to just look around and see what they have in the soters in your area. My family has gone through several tents in my life. As my family grew and I acquired more siblings the tents we used on our camping trips also grew. We started out a 4-person pup tent and gradually grew to the 4-room, 13-person, 30-pound Taj Mahal . My advice would be to look around and just get something that fits your needs. If you are going to do a lot of hiking to your campsites, get a small then that is light and easy to carried. If you are just going to park at your campsite, then get a tent as large as you want that is within your price range. A few recommendations from past experiences:Get a tent that has a good rainfly, water-proof covering, that covers the ENTIRE tent. Some tents give you the bare-minimum for a cover and that will NOT keep you dry. I life the tents where the rainfly spreads out in front of the doorway to create a front porch . This allows me a space to put my shoes and not have to worry about hauling dirt into the tent. You will also want to get a footprint for your tent. This is a small tarp that you will lay under the tent before you put it up. This will help protect the floor of your tent from sharp objects on the ground as well as give added water protection from the elements outside. (This usually has to be purchased seperate, or just a regular tarp will do.Since there will only be two of you, you might also consider getting a tent that is easy to assemble and quick to put up.In the end the choice is up to you to decide which tent best fits your needs for your budget, I can only offer recommendations. In the sources I have include different sites where you can look at many different tents. Have fun camping.

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