golden sky

The sky this evening gave off a peculiar light at sunset. It looked as if I had stepped out of reality and into a scene from Gattaca. Everything had this nice golden glow to it. Too bad you can’t dial this up on request.

  1. Sravan says:

    I got to say I'm really loisng faith in Toggl. Losing tracked time is the same as stealing money out of my pocket. I simply don't trust toggl anymore to track my time. They clearly do not have a handle on how to properly test updates before rolling them out. Time and time again (i.e. every update) there are major issues. I can't afford to work without getting paid. Sorry Toggl. I'll admit, I've never paid for Toggl, so I can't really complain. But I'd never actually pay for the service when there are problems as frequent as there is.

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