Bang the drum

We spent today tracking drums. Drum tracking is difficult. Lots of mics. Lots of wires. I picked up Dave at 7:30 am, we were in Richmond at 9:30, we were setting up until 12:30, and recorded until 6:30, we then packed up and sat in traffic, getting back to DC around 10:00.

Next weekend? guitars, vocals, noisemakers, and mixing. Glorious noise should hit the net sometime on Monday the 13th.

  1. Rocio says:

    LOL, SQL is so difficult. Thank god you avoid it in RoR. Thank god it's all hieddn and in some monolithic framework that basically decides for you what you want to do. I can see why people that like RoR hate C/C++. You actually have to be smart and understand the details to write in C/C++. Who needs that? Just crank out a pre-fab website with RoR. Isn't that how garbage collection became such a problem??

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