Superstar DeeJay... here we go!

DJ Kynz and I just worked through and got a new song sequenced. We hopefully will have it mixed and tweaked out in time for Monumental, a big kickin party on May 25th here in town. More noise love to follow, but for now, what should we call ourselves? and more importantly, should I be DJ Boboroshi? just “boboroshi”? maybe “roshi roshan”? Do suggest.

  1. cs says:

    robobushi or robobushido

    robo for robot, techno. . .

    <a href="" rel="nofollow">bushi</a> is the name of the warrior class in feudal Japan and <a href="" rel="nofollow">bushido</a> is the code of the samurai.


  2. Justin says:

    I don't think you can have a 6-syllable DJ name dude. Dee-Jay-Bo-Bo-Ro-Shi is too long. You need something cool, yet mysterious. Something that will give the kids the notion that you are down with the hip and the hop: DJ PurpleSockz, DJ CottonShirt, DJ BudonkaDonkButt.

    No wait, I got it -- DJ TenToez! C'mon, it sounds Japanese for chrissakes!

    For those who didn't get the BudonkaDonk Butt reference, <a href="" rel="nofollow">please click here</a>.

  3. Chad says:

    My vote goes for DJ BudonkaDonkButt. (Thanks, Justin.) Or DJ Hypnotyza -- wait, that one's taken. What about DJ Boboroshi, you already have the domain? Do you even need the DJ prefix?

  4. chris says:

    DJ Johnny A-bomb?

  5. mark says:

    there are too many "dj"s out there anyway.

    just plain boboroshi is 1)unique and 2)memorable.

    it works for me.

  6. meg says:

    dj boo.

    skary. & like they said, must be 1-2 sylables following "dj", or it just doesn't sound right.
    when i grow up, i'm gonna be dj kbee.

  7. Tidore says:

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