Tracking tracking

We finished tracking tonight for the new Rotoscope demo. We’ve got three songs in the can with real drums and everyone playing on them: Watershed, One Day, and Phone. We’ll be mixing and hope to have these up and online for anyone who would abuse the system by June 1.

Now I’m at home with the madre for Mothers Day. Did you call your mom?

  1. Alaa says:

    Chris L Posted on Seriously great article. I've been gettnig tired of the rendering times, and file conversion necessary to work in FCP (shooting with a 7D). I think I'm going to make the switch primarily for the workflow between Premiere and After Effects. My only worry are articles talking about the video quality of the export from Adobe Premiere Pro. They claim the compression that Adobe uses, although faster, has more loss of image quality than Apple's compressor. I did a few tests and noticed a difference myself. Media encoder transcoded the video 3x faster, but the resulting quality was noticeably poorer. Have you heard anything about this?

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