I’ve been working on the PBS Memorial Day Concert at the US Capitol and i forgot to wear sunscreen. I’m burnt crispy. Must lather up tomorrow lest I look like a lobster for the rest of the week. Show goes up Sunday night. Sunday to Sunday workin all day. 12 hour days. And hey, I’m not in front of a monitor the whole time shock gasp.

  1. Chad says:

    Was this Meticulous work, Rotoscope work, or just personal work?

  2. roboboshi says:

    Meticulous. :) We're doing the fourth of july show too. Woot!

  3. Yuri says:

    What about just passing a stnirg with Javascript in it? Does that work? Maybe that breaks the point of RJS staying in Ruby-land instead of :bottom, $$( p.welcome b').first() , Some item

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