Tony tony tony!

Ron was supposed to come down with his girlfriend [waiting for the ring] Jenn, but he called us not. Slacker.

Courtney came down for the show, and got there towards the end. I had gotten an invite to the post reception in Statuary Hall and courtesy of the rockin logistics guys, we got Court in as well.

So we’re hangin out in the Capitol, lookin around. And we get shown the door into the main area. So walking through it, everyone is shaking someone’s hand. oh why not, shake the hand. Holy crap. Tom Daschale.


So we’re hangin out with Cole (one of the main event coordinator guys) and looking around. And we realize that we’re two of the few people that aren’t dressed up. Oops.

Grab some wine, some food, meander down the hall to the House of Representatives. Walk out on the ground floor of the House. That place is tiny. Looks so much bigger on television. No pictures were allowed, so we’ll see if anyone else snuck a camera in there.

We get introduced to Joe Mantegna and Steve Buscemi.

john and courtney in the capitol
john and courtney causing trouble in the capitol.

After the shin dig, we headed back to the Washington Court Hotel for the wrap party. There we met some of the guys from Chicago, and Courtney got to pick their brain on industry stuff. It was quite cool to see guys who are still enjoying playing music after 35 years together.

During this time Courtney accidentally hip checked Tony Danza. Hip. Check. Accidentally as well.

Met some other famous people, had a few drinks, and decided to head on home. On the way out she said good night to Tony Danza and apologized for hip checking him and in saying goodnight, he used her first name. She was jumping up and down all the way to the car.

So we rocked the post party like rock stars should. Except that nobody knew that we were rockstars. All in good time. All in good time.

  1. Scott says:

    This is a joke, right? ;)
    Still Chillin with the Edge here, you should try it sometime! ;)

  2. will schlick says:


    Sounds like a good time. Sorry we missed you in NYC for the Dave shows. At night 1, the people in front of us were serious fans... so I decided that I had to drop your name. And they had all heard of you. Woot.

    see you in July for VACO.

  3. Peacock says:


  4. crawf says:

    Well done with your 3D shite for the bandshell. So when are your tunes gonna be on Your lady beat you to it...

  5. ron says:

    jenn and i were at the capitol, but we headed back to baltimore just before dusk to grab dinner and to bar crawl.

    all the gory evidence of our weekend is in <a href="" rel="nofollow">this entry</a>.

    definitely not as rokstar as your night though. :)

    i'm pissed that i missed buscemi; jenn will be pissed that she missed out on meeting <b>chicago</b>-- oh and hanging out with you too.

    can't forget you.

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