spring cleaning

I realized how much stuff I haven’t done on this site in a long time. So, while waiting for my car to get serviced yesterday, I decided to do some work (since i know have apapche, php, and mysql running on the laptop). Finally started adding the candid photos back in. Massive construction area. I know stuff’s broken. I’m working on it. :)

  1. will schlick says:

    great pics... esp. because I think i was around for a couple of 'em

    keep bringin' the content...

  2. chris says:

    nice studio pics - especially the New MODErn dada ISTS. The others are great too, especially FSP. Is that one of Jancy in Milan? : D

  3. cokey says:

    um....why do i look like i'm drunk in all the pictures of me?? oh wait..nevermind

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