Old school revival?

I don’t know where, or why, or how, but somehow, random people are ordering Tilae Linden CDs. And not from local areas. But like from Oregon. And South Carolina. All over the place. It’s a bit bizare to me. An album, released in 1997, that really is medicore at best, is still in demand. Anyone know why? Do I have an unknown street team?

  1. John says:

    well, it did get the shit played out of it when me and meg drove cross country, so maybe random passerbys in portland fell in love ;-)

  2. kyle says:

    yep, and you owe me 20% for my services

  3. Orlan says:

    thayz athayde disse:Vanessa qudeira, pra mim o louco do filme e9 o mais normal de todos! Ele ne3o consegue se encaixar dentro das padronizae7f5es, ele e9 o prf3prio desejo primitivo, ne3o passa por todas aquelas questf5es sociais, ele ne3o se obriga. E realmente o feminismo e9 isso, e9 o prf3prio questionamento dos padrf5es que devem ser seguido. A April e9 maravilhosa mesmo e acho que o final tinha que ser aquele mesmo, se ne3o tudo para ela continuaria vazio.

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