1. Lans Linden says:

    Shameless plug #1.

    As I was surfing the Internet at work here, I stumbled upon this cool little website. Funny thing is is that this is apparently the only way I can see how John is actually doing. I feel like I'm all caught up now!

    I came to this page and said to myself "What a rare and bizarre time to start plugging my band to the front man and friends of our old band Tilae Linden"

    and then asked myself:

    Why on earth do we STILL have a website for a non-existent band named Tilae Linden? Esp. one where it says my eclectic musical tastes are in the likes of Korn and Rage Against the Machine?

    I miss the days of Tilae Linden. We're getting old, but the music can only get better.

    Anyway, I miss you guys. Drop me a line... I won't know who you are, but we can discuss the wild times of an age old pitiful band called Tilae Linden. (just kidding)

    By the way, I still have like 800 Rotation CD's I don't know what to do with. Any suggestions?

  2. swifty says:

    funny... i just dug out my rotation CD and threw it in for a listen. why?

    well, i downloaded a bunch of rotoscope MP3s from their site, and it made me think back.

    i only saw tilae in its entirety play once, at colonel brooks, but man, you guys were awesome.

    john, hope everything is going well. i like what rotoscope has put together and plan to keep up with it...


  3. Baadingoo says:

    Glad you posted the pucrite. Next time my wife comments on my waist line I can tell her that I have seen the Portal to Hell and only skinny people can get in.

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