Vices are called vices for a reason right? I mean, cafieene, nicotene, alcohol – they’re not really good for you. They just accomplish something.

Ugh. My throat hurts. Damn vices.

  1. cs says:

    Say it ain't so, John!!! You were my inspiration! Dang heroes, always screwing things up. ;)

  2. cokey says:

    If by "vices" you mean substances that may or may not have a positive nutritional value but somehow give one a piece of mind and the belief that they <b>can</b> get the project done on time and that the client <b>isn't</b> completely out of his mind, then yes, they are vices.

  3. Denniz says:

    What a nice post. Thanks for sharing. This year for lent, I'm going to try to give up rushnig and try to spend some time noticing things instead. I realize this may sound a bit strange. When life gets busy, it is easy for me to get into a rush, rush, rush mentality and not enjoy things or people as much. I'm hoping that by not rushnig so much, I'll stop to appreciate people and the world around me. We'll see how it goes! Good luck with the Diet Coke and chocolate moratorium!

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