Mean bastard.

Kynz and I have completed our first track together. You can download the first mix of “”sound/files/meanbastards.mp3" onMouseOver=“self.status=‘[meanbastards.mp3] :: download file’; return true” onMouseOut=“self.status=’’; return true”>Mean Bastards" now. Abuse that connection.

  1. scott says:

    So im sittin in the car waiting for my friend to come out of the bar and so she arrives then I realise I've left my phone in the club. So I go inside and leave her in the car with 'Your' music on. I come downstairs to see two guys leaning in my passenger window - im like wtf is going on, then this guy asks me for a light and im like 'No Don't smoke' - look up and its Liam Gallagher, 'eh alright catch ya later', so I walk to the car and one of the guys looks up and its Noel Gallagher...'what on earth is going on?' - he then goes we want the cd she's playing, im like 'what is it?' he says we dunno - just give us the cd, 'ehhhhhhhh ok its yours' and she hands him the cd. Turns out it was Mean Bastards and they heard her listening to it as they were walking into the hotel, I was parked out side the doors. Now I dunno if someone was trying to hit on Zoe or it was the music, but dude Oasis have your cd lol

  2. Jackie says:

    How can people love you if you don't love yosurelf? I recall what my girlfriend has said to me one day when I was drunk. To me my self love prescription is to stop drinking and smoking. I want to be healthy because I feel strong when I am healthy.[]

  3. Marina says:

    Priscila disse:Thayz, nesse post eu vou discordar. c9 certo que a Dilma, na minha leiga opinie3o, tem feito ate9 agora um grvnoeo melhor que o grvnoeo Lula. Mas antes da eleie7e3o, eu tambe9m a achava dependente demais dele. E ne3o era por ser mulher. Era porque a campanha dela era toda baseada na ideia de continuidade . Na cabee7a da maioria da populae7e3o, o grvnoeo Dilma seria sim uma extense3o do grvnoeo Lula, e infelizmente, sem essas bases e sem os 87% de aprovae7e3o do grvnoeo Lula ela dificilmente teria conseguido se eleger.Agora, eu considero que ela vem desempenhando o seu papel muito melhor que o seu antecessor. Pelo menos no que diz respeito ao corte dos gastos pfablicos. =)Quanto e0 Marina, ne3o entendi por que vocea a considera um fantoche. Eu infelizmente ne3o votei, porque estou fora do Brasil no momento, mas se pudesse teria votado nela era a que me parecia com as melhores propostas (de novo na minha humilde leiga opinie3o ).

  4. Joy says:

    Thanks for all of your comments!ryder: Thanks! I have a <a href="">liltte</a> too much fun making these collages I think. ;)Sheila: I know! I was just going to subscribe to Domino as well. Too bad. lee-lee: That's amazing and so sweet of you to offer. Perhaps I'll get in touch.PG: Thanks! The colors are making me wish for spring.kater: I have just officially reached my capacity for tolerence to the cold. I'm done! Bring on summer!Jennifer: I miss LA sometimes, but mostly I don't. We don't even have an UO in the town where I live but it's nice to know they carry the magazine. Thanks!

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