A Capitol Fourth (again)

It was downright miserable on the West Lawn yesterday as Pat Byrne and I documented the entire site. 9 AM to 11 PM of measuring, drawing, measuring, drawing, being harrased by Capitol Police, measuring, drawing.

Ugh. And today is not going to be much better for the show, and throw isolated thunderstorms into the mix. oy veh.

I’m just praying nothing happens. I feel like I’m walking into a gun fight wearing nothing but my underwear.

Happy Fourth of July kids. I’m sure yours will be better than mine.

  1. cs says:

    Happy fourth to you, too John. Cheers.

    And many props for spelling capitol correctly (especially after the. . .uh. . . <a href="http://www.metafilter.com/mefi/13586#200385" rel="nofollow">"chic</a> error"...)


  2. cokey says:

    And Cokey said "Let there be hot-bodied, blonde, 19 year old dancers on stage for the Fourth of July show." And there were. And it was good.

  3. chris says:

    And lo, in the south, the were positioned great cameras to televise the dancers.

    And many who had previously not seen 19-year-old hot-bodied blonde dancers live, did rejoice.

    Yea, but their rejoice was short-lived, for the live feed was but a live feed, and none of the dancers were in the living rooms of the. . .er. . .faithful.

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