Round trip home

I just got back from going down to my parent’s house in Yorktown. It was a nice change of pace. While I was down there I got to hang out with my sister and brother and relax. Go to a swim meet, drop my brother off at Scout camp, you know, the basic stuff. So during the weekend I find out my thirteen year old brother has… a girlfriend. The kicker? The girl was in one of my swim classes when I was seventeen (and they were 5/6 or so).

They grow up too fast damnit.

  1. Roshni says:

    bvalente:Danapplease see our response below- any sgieustgon of redrock considering legal steps' is simply untrue. Bringing this misinformation up again does not promote a meaningful dialog. This is not a question of countries competing with each other, and we don't see this as short term or long term gain. It's unfortunate all around. As I've offered to you before, the offer to PM me still stands, and we will resolve your questions or concerns regarding your gear. ThanksBrian

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