1. cokey says:

    the pics of home were quite loverly. i officially volunteer to upstart the west coast operations of meticulous...just gotta get out of school damn it. love the "damn skippy" band.

  2. .sara says:

    yay! west coast!

  3. Javier says:

    This is just plain lunacy. Ruby and Rails is just a huge hype. Actually I am amj2ee depelover and also have some experience in ASP.net using C# and also Flex. Though Java is my favourite language, I hate things like Struts and JSF. ASP.net is a miracle and any one who fails to appreciate its grace and elegance must be a blind character. No! I am not being paid by Microsoft. It is just that I have worked in Struts/JSF, ASP.net and Rails and Flex. Do you know that the creator of Flex was the man behind ASP.net? Kick the scripting guys. Stick to C# and ASP.net. If you are doing desktop work only, MFC is the greatest.

  4. Misho says:

    Well I got the engine today, looks levoly, but I forgot to order plugs with it. Will have to see if The Model Shop has any. Looking forward to firing her up.

  5. Amor says:

    re zoulapia o dule einai o<a href=\"http://qfkajdvf.com\"> eenirvs</a> mas , aytos pou san ergolavia anelave to boreihpierwtikou kai to odigei se nikes. me poion allon thelete na asxoleithume? aytos einai o arxigos mas! me sevas kasteros socialistis!

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