If You Want To Destroy My Sweater

Wayland and I went up to see the Weezer/Dashboard confessional show last night at Merriweather Post Pavillion. Dashboard Confessional is simply amazing live. The bulk of the crowd is singing along to the music and it’s just nuts. The crowd was awfully young mind you, but hey, that’s what rock and roll is about.

Weezer put on a kick ass rock show as well. Starting off with “The Sweater Song,” Rivers Cuomo finished it up by saying “That was real good. And this is gonna be real good too.” and launched into “Hash Pipe.”

I had to leave early to get back to DC to play a song with Keith Simmons at the Proof Through The Night benefit for the Whitman Walker Clinic, which was fun, but like a tease. I wanted to play like four more hours. Instead we went out drinking and ended up at Bob and Eda’s diner at 4am.

And if you read this bland post, then more thanks to you.

  1. cokey says:

    I...like...hanging with my friends.
    <b>Burritos at 4am</b>...dogs who like cats....and...and...and twins!

    Not a damn thing wrong with that day, in my humble opinion.

  2. chris says:

    amen. And not boring/bland either, if only in my own head.

  3. Osvaldo says:

    Jerry, this is a very comforting blog to me. I'm in the same boat of fieelngs right now about my photography business. Thanks for sharing and keep it up. Your positive words and persistence makes you rise above the rest!

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