Ego boy

So, I was talking with the dot in .sara today about hellish work situations and i said that we wouldn’t redo our site in a manner becoming that of a certain employer which causes her headaches on various occasions. Mainly because we’re so busy on real work that our site takes a back seat. even spelling errors. But i said the following:

“once we get our backend systems rocking and rolling, we’ll probably redo the front in a kick ass flash/html combination site that makes look like a bum pissing in a corner behind the dumpster”

Yeah. I’m all about making enemies with great visual analogies. Ego boy strikes again. And funkBobo(); just won’t go away.

  1. Adama says:

    If you don't mind that I share with you an exercise that we did in the mitilary I think this will help your abs.We would do a modified version of the BEAR SITUP. We used a normal kitchen chair and sit in it sideways. Put our feet under something heavy like the dresser or stove or fridge and do sit ups by going all the way back to the floor and all the way back up. Each other pass back and forth twist to one side, then the other working both sides equally. Warning,warning, warning!!! don't do more than 4 or 5 for the first time even though you might be pretty fit. That exercise is not for novices to abuse the first few times. Your body will figure out what your capable day two. Just do no more than 5 and see how well you roll out of bed tomorrow.

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