Rock and Roll shows

I’ll be playing guitar at a myraid of shows for Courtney Totushek coming up:

14 Aug – Capitol Lounge; Washington, DC (w/Chrissy Coughlin)
17 Aug – Luna Park Grille; Arlington, VA (w/ Empty 40)
21 Aug – Capitol Lounge; Washington, DC (w/Chrissy Coughlin)
23 Aug – Dr. Dremo’s Tap House; Arlington, VA
28 Aug – Capitol Lounge; Washington, DC (w/Chrissy Coughlin)
30 Aug – Ragtime; Arlington, VA
31 Aug – Gaffney’s
06 Sep – Main Street Grill; Stafford, VA
14 Sep – South Riding Inn;
28 Sep – Shark Club; Centerville, VA
03 Oct – Don Pablo’s
24 Oct – Rhodeside Grill; Arlington VA

And don’t forget the Rotoscope shows!
04 Sep – John solo with Keith Simmons and Laura Tgarris at USA Today
26 Sep – Rotoscope at Luna Park Grill; Arlington VA (showcase)
08 Oct – Zig’s Showcase (6:30 pm); Alexandria, VA

  1. brianH says:

    "Hello Arlington! Are you ready to rock?!?" =)

    Am going to try to drag Anna to your Luna Park Grille (right next to Lost Dog, right?) show this Saturday...what time are you and Ms. T going on?

    And when are those finished Rotoscope mp3s gonna show up? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. roboboshi says:

    We go on first at Luna Park... like 8:45 to 9 ish IIRC.

    As for Rotoscope MP3s, we're finishing up the mixes. Sorry. We suck. We know. We're trying to suck less in the future.

    You can hear new noise at <a href="" rel="nofollow">my personal site</a>. until we get the new stuff up.

  3. shep says:

    The problem with Virginia-based artists is that they like to hang out in Virginia all the time.

    Roadtrip, mf! Roadtrip!

  4. Jenni says:

    Holy shit! I can't believe you are playing at the shark club in centreville. That is my favourite lame place to dance! And the Rhodeside has these awsome potato quesidillas. Maybe I will come out to see you! :)

  5. roboboshi says:

    Shepalicious - Yeah yeah. I know i need to get to new York. I'm workign on it. I'll meet you half way. you get to Manhattan, and I'll get to Manhattan. We'll rock New York like no one else with a rauncy version of Fried Tobacco Eyes.

    And Miss McGuiness. i expect to see you out and about in the near future.

  6. Elaine says:

    There are still some flowers left but the big show is over. Postberg is open until end Sept. Entrance at the gate is now R33 per adult and R22 per child (2-12). Gates are open 9 to 5 7 days a week. To get there just fololw the West Coast road from Blouberg. About 10km AFTER the Yzerfontein turnoff you will see the first Park Gate on your left. There is a little white house and big sign boards. You cannot miss it. I think it must be about 100km from Blouberg. When you enter the gate they will give you directions to Postberg.

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