Thanks to all of you who came out to see Courtney and I at Ragtime tonight (last night). It was a lot of fun and I’m glad all you kids could make it out. We’ve got more noise coming soon. And I’ll make her play more of her originals (which kick a$$ btw) next time.

  1. Auth says:

    Alfred's All-In-One is a great series for soenome who wants to learn how to play the basics while also learning a bit about theory and technique. However, I feel there is a huge gap at certain places. While everyone hits walls before they continue every once in a while, Alfred's series seems to ignore the principle of building and slowly introducing concepts. The series is still one of the best out there, though I prefer Faber and Faber's Piano Adventures. If you are really serious about learning, not only do I recommend a teacher, but also choosing a children's series (Alfred has one as well) over an adult series. They are more aimed at training both hands and leading to classical music, whereas adult series seem to focus on more popular music and right hand melody with left hand accompaniment.

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