I’ve been avoiding birthdays for the last few years. Low key. Out of town. I don’t know. They just stress me out. Make me feel like I’ve done shit for a year and I’m another year behind in where i wanted to be.

This year I hid out at the parent’s house. Freedom for the people. And all that stuff.

  1. cokey says:

    Bobo I've been doing that for years. This year however, I drank for 4 days straight in celebration of my big 25. Except for the hangovers, it beats stayin at home.

  2. John says:

    now, see mr. byrne has the right idea... now isn't phil's birthday today, and i know mine is wednesday... what ever happened to the plans of drinking straight for 4 days, except using each person's consecutive birthday to justify it?

    just a thought

  3. Mary says:

    Happy Birthday John. The secret here is not to
    feel all the should be and must have thoughts.
    Just relax have fun and celebrate all that is
    right in your life. I follow the mantra of
    Satchel Paige ..."How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?" I think that one only works for those of us over 40. Just celebrate all the limitless choices you have right in front of you.have a good time too

  4. ron says:

    rok star. happy birthday!@

    woodchucks for all this thurs. !

  5. brianH says:

    Happy birthday, John.
    A quarter-century old-
    not an old fart yet!

  6. shep says:

    good JESUS, john. i didn't even realize. i am publicly declaring myself an imbecile for not remembering your birthday.

    we've had this problem with my crew up here in Rochester - no one remembers each others' birthdays.

    25 years...brother, hit 28. i long to be 25 again.

  7. Peacock says:

    so you got highlights just a few days before you hit the big 2-5, eh?

    coincidence? I think not..

    happy silver, bobo.

  8. chris says:

    My god, what an idiot I am. My other frind John has his birthday on Sat! *shaking head* must have got them confused...

    Happy 25th hombre.

    See? That's what happens after the 1/4-centennial...the mind starts to fade...time accelerates...

  9. Chad says:

    Damn, you were born almost exactly 1/2 a year before me (6 months, 1 day).

    First you start to perform live again, then the frosted hair. I think it's time you confessed your innermost desire to be in a boy band. It's okay. They have 12-step programs for such things.

  10. Chad says:

    Okay, so I was looking at the wrong date (tomorrow's my half-birthday) -- close enough.

    Stupid mock header at the top of the page. :)

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