The birthday crew

So the birthday wrap up for the last week:

Patrick Byrne on teh 22nd
Myself (and Elvis COstello) on the 25th
Phil Golub on the 26th


John Schlickenmaier on the 28th.

happy birthday to a great group of guys who all happened to be born on a damn good week :)

  1. cokey says:

    Once we're all millionares, the whole week should be a national holiday. I say drink, drink, and be merry!! I know it should be eat, drink, and be merry, but you know, Guiness counts as a meal. Happy birthday to all, and to all a good fight.

    2 more days till unemployement....

  2. John says:

    i agree with cokey... happy birthday to all. now we just need to figure out what to name this week-long national holiday

  3. Phil says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Athayde and I joke every year about the two days of drinking we will embark upon at the end of every August, but had I known that all you guys had birthdays around the same time, I definitely would have arranged something. I've got a rare bottle of Bacardi Ocho Anos that I still have yet to open - can't think of a better time to do it than a milestone birthday.

    I don't know what to call our week-long holiday, but it's definitely <a href="" rel="nofollow">Manischewitz</a> time.

  4. alissa says:

    happy (belated) birthday! hope you ate, drank and were merry! :)

  5. mark says:

    merry happy belatedness and stuff and junk.

  6. John says:

    well, we could always call it ethnic diversity week... i mean, cokey and i represent the irish portion(read: alcoholic), phil represents the jewish community, and depending on what day of the week you ask bobo, he can represent everything else ;-)

    i'll bring the whiskey

  7. Dominika says:

    Shanta Hardrick Burrell - Hey Melissa,Don't know if you remember us but Iliya and my dgheutar Morgan were good friends at the CDRC at UA. I was just looking at your site and can't believe how much Iliya has grown. We will keep you and your family in our prayers and keep us posted about your new addition.Shanta Burrell

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