I recorded the song for the lyrics I posted on August 28th. You can hear the track here. (mp3 download) Enjoy!

  1. Zubair says:

    Hi Bill, If you're using Less and have the less-rails-bootstrap gem installed, then just craete an custom_variables.css.less file anywhere under app/assets/stylesheets and add this Less code to it, for example: @import "twitter/bootstrap"; @linkColor: #0F0; If you're using Sass, then you don't need any gem installed since Rails 3.1 supports it by default. So you just need to craete custom_variables.css.scss file instead, and then use this Sass code inside it: $linkColor: #F00; But for Sass it looks like you'll have to modify the bootstrap.css.scss file - either the one you copied from sass-twitter-bootstrap or else the one inside of bootstrap-sass, for example - and import your new custom_variables.css.scss file like this: @import "bootstrap/variables"; @import "custom_variables"; @import "bootstrap/mixins"; This last part seems very ugly to me; I'll look into it some more and write here again if I find a cleaner way to override Sass variables.

  2. Egeyi says:

    'sencha-touch/default/all';@include sechna-panel;@include sechna-buttons;@include sechna-sheet;@include sechna-picker;@include sechna-toolbar-forms;@include sechna-tabs;@include sechna-toolbar;@include sechna-carousel;@include sechna-indexbar;@include sechna-list;@include sechna-layout;@include sechna-form;@include sechna-sheet; .x-toolbar .x-toolbar-title { color: saturate(lighten($active-color, 10%), 20%);}.x-tabbar.x-docked-bottom .x-tab { .x-tab-active { -webkit-box-shadow: inset rgba(#000, .8) 0 0 5px !important; }}As you can see I have a lot of trial there but none gives me what I want. I want the icons to have the color #f7c13d. Am I missing something? Most appreciated if you could help me.

  3. Ana says:

    Hi,I am new to drupal <a href="">crtaeed</a> a module for that I need to execute database queries in a .php file in that module folder.I tried to implement the above code but I am getting a error that ./includes/ not found error.Can you help me outRegards,Pavani[]bob Reply:August 17th, 2011 at 3:04 pmtry to put the include code in a file situed in your root directory, because all files included in are included like that : ./includes/'[]

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