the coast is clear

I don’t think war is noble
And I don’t like to think love is like war
But I got a big hot cherry bomb
And I wanna slip it through the mail slot
Of your front door

You can’t leave me here
I got your back now
You’d better have mine
Cuz you say the coast is clear
But you say that all the time

Thank you Ani.

  1. meg says:

    i love that song. ani is yummy.

    at the show at the norva, she got handed a note concerning her anti-military views:

    "I am glad I have been fighting the last 9 months for you"

    she flipped. "not for me, not for me..."
    then she spoke about smokin' a phatty in town point park, across from the norshipco. and she said, "the grass got greener and the war just shrank away..."

  2. Thiago says:

    Dustin you must have misunderstood me. CRUD stndas for Create Read Update Delete . Mapping CRUD to REST works great: Post Put Update Delete. I think RoR is a great idea for providing simple RESTful interfaces to the CRUD operations in a DB. It appears that it can do more than just 1-to-1 mappings on the UI to DB. In fact, it appears that the CRUD stuff is just one part of RoR. All things I admittedly didn't know. But read my last comment and tell me if you don't agree.As for Dustin and others suddenly deciding to bash WebWork don't bother. WebWork and RoR are not even the same type of framework. WebWork has never tried to deal with persistence.

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